About Us

QTS-Global is fast becoming recognised as one of the leading providers of both vocational and mandatory training in the country.

We strive on the ability to offer Quality Training Solutions that suits the needs of both the client and individual, in order to provide progression and development opportunities for all.

Our aim is to optimise individual potential whilst increasing the workforce skills and culture to maximise on productivity and staff retention.

We will work with you to access fully funded training grants for you or your organisation. We will devise a plan of action to minimise inconvenience but maximise effectiveness. The team at QTS-Global Ltd believe in working in partnership with clients, providing guidance and advice in order to achieve the best service that delivers the most effective training program possible.

Statistics show that people and organisations that have under taken NVQ training benefit from increased productivity, greater awareness and better career prospects.

What we do

We deliver tailored packages to suit both the client and individual’s needs, inclusive of Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Additional mandatory and refresher training may be sourced to run concurrently dependant on company requirements. For more information, please visit the Courses page.

  • Deliver Qualifications that are aimed specifically at those members of staff operating and involved across the business.
  • Training Delivered on the job with minimal/no impact to the operational productivity of the site.
  • Progression opportunities to higher qualifications, team leading and general and specific management.
  • Skills for Life (Sfl) Literacy & Numeracy signposting and support as needed

Benefits to Training

  • Improved bottom line and Increased Productivity.
  • Sets the business out above the competition.
  • Increased staff retention.
  • Cost effective with Government funding available (Dependant on circumstances)
  • Demonstrates an IIP culture and positive ethos.

Upskilling the Workforce

Additional mandatory and refresher training may be sourced to run concurrently dependant on company requirements.

For an informal discussion please get contact us on 01677 470 900 or email us at enquiries@qts-global.co.uk